Our Beers

Our focus is on brewing brightly hopped Ales that showcase the many aromas and flavors of hops. Below is a list of beers that we brew or have brewed in the past. Our current offerings are constantly rotating, so please check our current availability to see whats pouring in the Taproom and available for can sales. 



A big juicy and hazy double IPA inspired by one of our favorite brews, Squeeze!


BURST  |  KETTLE SOUR IPA  |  6.2% abv  

A Kettle Sour IPA with intense pink guava, strawberry and grapefruit notes 


WEDGE  |  IPA  |  6.7% abv  

A double dry hopped IPA with El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic hops


WEST END  |  SESSION IPA  |  4% abv  

A refreshing summer session beer with notes of fresh lemon and ripe peach


Tropical Haze  |  IPA  |  6.8% abv  

A hoppy, hazy IPA that will lead you to paradise


Althea  |  IPA  |  6% abv  

A brightly dank IPA with big fruity hop notes from a blend of New Zealand and Australian hops


squeeze  |  IPA  |  5.7% abv  

A blast of tangerine and papaya in every ounce


hi-fi  |  IPA  |  6.8% abv  

A big juicy tropical IPA with notes of passionfruit and lychee


Resonation  |  Pale Ale  |  5.2% abv  

A crisp Pale Ale with a dose of resinous hops


sticky  |  IPA  |  7% abv  

A touch tropical with hints of orangey citrus notes and an intense resiny hop flavor


Cutaway  |  Session ipa  |  4.3% abv  

A crushable Session IPA


nugz  |  Wet Hop IPA  |  6.3% abv  

A once a year kinda brew made with local harvest fresh wet Nugget hops


Dolce  |  Imperial Stout  |  8% abv  

A big, bold, yet silky smooth Imperial Stout


bliss  |  Ipa  |  6.8% abv  

Slightly tart, slightly sweet, this IPA is brewed with an abundance of cranberries and sweet orange peel, then dry-hopped for an intense citrus aroma